Data 'Diesel' hampering digital businesses

The flip-side of the digital transformation many large organisations are going through, is the resulting explosion of enterprise data. How can IT teams more efficiently manage this data, that fuels their increasingly digitally-focused businesses?



Sophisticated and complex processes in a company are programmed to record, protect and preserve data which can then be mined for a variety of business purposes. This data is critical, hence protected, backed up and copied, resulting in an exponential growth in storage requirements.

These mountains of data, and the requirement to back it up, coupled with a lack of a data governance plans add to the woes of the CIO. Companies are becoming overwhelmed with multiple, physical copies of business data – for Development, Testing, UAT, Staging and DR. Companies staying on this course will increasingly find it difficult, if not impossible to serve the objectives of doing more with less resources and increasing agility for the business. Their systems will chug along on ‘diesel’ data fuel.

As with any enterprise IT challenge, clever solutions always emerge. When processing power was an issue in the early 2000s, the virtualisation of servers became an elegant solution. Simpler ways to manage enterprise data growth, reduce time for data provisioning and ensure data resiliency are increasingly available.

Download the white paper, Feeding your business I.T. machine with jetfuel, not diesel, to learn about:

  • Transforming business data for higher speed to market
  • How copy data virtualisation can help squeeze more value out of existing IT investment
  • Changing a backup and recovery approach, to managing data in a holistic and simplified environment
  • Making automated data provisioning and workflow optimisation a reality
  • Choosing a specialist crew to help tune up and turbocharge the performance of your business

Download the white paper here.