Prepared for any storm: MetService case study

Meteorological Service of New Zealand (MetService), and its international commercial subsidiary MetraWeather, are acknowledged as innovators in the provision of weather information services. As a world-class provider of weather information, forecasts and intelligence, MetService is committed to providing its services at all hours of the day, around the globe.

MetService was working with disparate data protection methods and identified the need for an integrated data recovery approach. In addition, typical issues associated with legacy infrastructure were starting to surface, which added to the need for a second location that could mirror the existing environment in backup and processing capabilities.

Spectrum were engaged to undertake a review of the strategies MetService were employing to analyse and review their systems and infrastructure. From this they were able to identify ways in which they could protect the company’s critical data and subsequently implemented a DRaaS and IaaS.

By partnering with Spectrum, MetService managed to reduce the risk profile of their IT infrastructure significantly, strengthening their business continuity plan and a robust disaster recovery position. The organisation now has more redundancy built in, without significant additional capital expenditure. Using a cloud-based, efficient and scalable IaaS model, MetService now have the confidence of near instant recovery of data and processing capabilities in case of an adverse event.

“Spectrum has the ability and the confidence to challenge preconceived ideas you may have. They challenged ours and we went with their recommendations, which worked out beautifully,” Mark Huttley, CIO, MetService.

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