Find value with Cloud Solutions

Cloud is a technology that can offer your business the best and most flexible solutions. But often with so many choices in the market, how do you know what product will best suit your business’s needs?

Here at Spectrum, we offer three different cloud services: Spectrum IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. With Spectrum’s infrastructure as a service, we enable our clients to develop scalable cloud-based solutions that deliver the security and reliability of on-premise environments with the flexibility of cloud computing, while keeping total cost of ownership to a minimum. The Public Cloud allows you to optimise your workload by using the higher processing power that the Public Cloud provides. You can mix and match different providers to create the best solution for your business and needs. Meanwhile, using Hybrid Cloud allows you to utilise on-premise, Spectrum IaaS or Public Cloud as is best for your business and your workloads. The choice between each cloud platform can be a hard one but it doesn’t have to be a single choice.

Cloud computing offers flexible solutions with a range of different services available. Depending on your business outcomes, each cloud has a unique value proposition that caters for different workloads. Our Spectrum cloud consultants can help choose the cloud solution that best meets your needs
— Anton Aalders, Chief Technology Officer

Here’s what spectrum can offer for each solution:

Spectrum IaaS

  • The Spectrum IaaS Cloud offers traditional x86 cloud services and also offers services on IBM POWER, which we are specialists in for both small and large organisations throughout the country.

  • “Copy Data Cloud” is part of our IaaS offering. By leveraging copy data virtualisation, we can rapidly deploy workloads in seconds, enabling development teams to become more agile.This service also provides data protection position for Disaster Recovery, off-siting your data and allowing rapid data recovery.

  • Spectrum's consultants can assist you with systems design, implementation and support. These services help ensure that you deploy new applications in terms of hours or days, rather than weeks.

Public Cloud

  • Spectrum has a strong relationship with the main Public Cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This means that we can provide competitive quotes from the differing providers and help you determine the mix of services that works best for your organisation.

  • Spectrum also helps to manage the delivery of the service, while ensuring you’re still in control of the end product. We also bring to you the ability to self and auto-provision cloud services, as well as the ability to analyse.

Hybrid Cloud

  • The Hybrid cloud offers you the flexibility of using the best tools to balance different projects and computing needs.

  • We work alongside you to select the best technology to manage the deployment of your services. This means that you have the ability to scale the services up or down depending on what your organisation needs at the time.