Spectrum CDO Appointment - Patrick Brennan

Spectrum is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Brennan to serve as the company’s Chief Digital Officer.

Patrick is leading Spectrum and our customers further into the digital age.  With a strong focus on business process, culture, and automation, Patrick brings a wealth of experience through his work with some of New Zealand most iconic brands.  By transforming technological monoliths into modern agile practices, Patrick enables businesses to rapidly respond to customer demands.

“I recently forced some movie classics on my kids and I was struck by how slow moving they were,” says Patrick.  “Our attention span in the modern world is so short.  Businesses must continually innovate to stay relevant.  They must learn to measure and respond repeatedly in order to adapt to their customers on a very short cadence.  THAT is the digital transformation.”

Building on its 16-year enterprise pedigree, Spectrum has undergone a metamorphosis over the last 3+ years, adding new capabilities and practices to its existing mature business platform. 

The appointment of Patrick signals Spectrum’s drive to continue to expand its focus into modern agile business practices.  From elements such as team culture and process alignment, to technology selection and implementation, Spectrum thrives on challenge.  Whether you have complex existing systems that are hindering your business, or are embarking on a greenfields deployment, Spectrum can assist across the entire stack ensuring that your IT systems and practices deliver to your business needs.

Commenting on his appointment, Patrick says “I am thrilled to be joining Spectrum at such an exciting time in its development.”