CA Technologies and Spectrum Join Forces

CA and Spectrum combine to deliver a Unique SaaS Offering to New Zealand Businesses with CA Test Data Manager as Software as a Service.

Spectrum is the first in NZ to offer CA Solution that Helps Create, Maintain and Provision Data.

Computerworld, SYDNEY, 20th October 2016 –Today Spectrum New Zealand, a reseller of CA Test Data Manager (CA TDM), announced a new partnership with CA Technologies. As part of the agreement, Spectrum will be the first organisation in New Zealand to offer CA TDM to its customers in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) format via a cloud model that lets customers pay per use for the service based on consumption.

CA TDM is an automated solution to one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive problems in Continuous Delivery—the creating, maintaining and provisioning of the synthetic test data needed for evolving applications. As the application economy develops and pressure on organisations to get apps to market intensifies, CA TDM eliminates delays in provisioning test data, shortening test cycles and resolving issues earlier—and more cost-effectively—in the software development lifecycle.

The Spectrum CA TDM software-as-a-service (CA TDM SaaS) offering comes at a time when data masking products remain basic. They are commonly offered to companies at a high cost due to the need to invest in licensing and training, which slows the development and adoption of programs. With a more robust offering like CA TDM SaaS, Spectrum customers can automate development and test environments rapidly, allowing them to become more agile, more quickly and thereby reduce development costs.

Anton Alders, chief technology officer at Spectrum believes that with data masking emerging as a critical component of a continuous delivery platform, finding a simple solution to incorporate this technology into an existing IT environment is critical.

“Following the New Zealand government’s recent announcement calling for the adoption of cloud services to be accelerated across all agencies, a large number of organisations are looking to develop effective cloud strategies quickly. We are thrilled to be able to offer these organisations CA TDM SaaS to help them meet this mandate and, more importantly, provide them with a solution that enables their testing teams to be more agile,” said Alders.

Kevin van Gils, director of Partners and Alliances at CA Technologies, Australia & New Zealand, said, “Partners are an extremely important part of our ongoing growth strategy for the ANZ market and our focus is on ensuring that together we deliver value for our customers. Spectrum saw an obvious need in the New Zealand market for an on-demand test data management solution and we are excited about partnering with them to help fill the gap in the market with this innovative approach.”