Go live faster with SAP HANA on Power Systems

Ever since SAP announced support of HANA on IBM Power Systems in the middle of 2015, more than 250 clients have selected IBM POWER8 as their platform for current and future SAP HANA projects. Their feedback has been fantastic and the message of Power Systems providing the most flexible, resilient and best-performing platform for SAP HANA has continued to resonate with additional clients.

We now have a client base that is broad enough to help us gain insights and fine-tune and improve the offering. One of the most popular topics of feedback has been a discussion of our ability to help clients move faster into “go live.” For example:

Many clients who have already deployed SAP HANA on Power projects told us that IBM Power Systems and server virtualization (PowerVM) helped them to speed up the process needed to go live. This is not only because they can finally deploy large HANA production databases using the same virtualization methodologies used across the rest of their workloads, but because IBM Power Systems give them a very stable and high-performance platform that helps them focus on SAP deployment and avoid having to focus on hardware.

Clients who already own IBM POWER8 hardware can skip procurement cycles altogether and simply create new virtual machines (VMs) on existing hardware. They can then start deploying SAP HANA Sandboxes, making it very simple to shift to HANA without investing additional time or money in the hardware.

A significant percentage of the clients who have purchased Power Systems for SAP HANA are cloud service providers (CSPs). These CSPs can now host their own clients on Power Systems, utilizing the flexibility of PowerVM virtualization to deploy more quickly.

But we are not satisfied with our current position, and today I’m very excited to announce new capabilities on IBM Power Systems that lets clients go live to production even faster:

Load data into memory up to 4.6 times faster for SAP HANA by using server-side flash as cache (PCIe–NVMe flash adapters).[1]

Flexibly deploy up to 4TB of HANA database on a single 4-socket system with the new SAP HANA certification of IBM E850 and E850C.

When designing your environment for your SAP HANA database, think about your key requirements.  Mission-critical systems need flexibility, resiliency and performance. POWER8 delivers this and more so you can focus on SAP HANA deployment, not the hardware underneath it. Learn more about IBM Power Systems optimized for SAP HANA, and for more information about SAP HANA on Power and IBM NVMe, check out the latest whitepaper and solution brief.

[1] The time taken to load 10B rows from the EML benchmark database was measured with a cache configuration of 10 NVMe and compared to a mid range FLASH storage configuration. The storage box was connected using 4 * 16GB/s FC ports ( two 2-port 16Gb/s FC adapter). The system had a configuration of 96c and 4TB memory.