Legacy Unix Proposition

Enterprise application software seems to remain in service much longer than ever anticipated. In some cases, beyond the point where it can be migrated to later versions of the operating system and or database utilized on new hardware.

This also introduces additional cost and risk. Extended hardware and software support costs are high, and eventually you can’t buy support as you are faced with end of support for the hardware.

Therefore, your business systems become more exposed to the reality of downtime due to equipment failure due to age and risk with little or no support.


  • Do nothing, insource the risks and pay the increased support costs.

  • Virtualize the platform and run the application on new hardware that utilizes supported versions of the operating system and database.

  • Migrate the application to a supported platform.

  • Implement this application functionality on the enterprise's preferred Business Support System.


  • Do nothing is often the default position pending availability of budget and resources to undertake any of the other options.  This is a bit like boiling the frog.  Over time the situation can become impactful and expensive.

  • Virtualize is most often the preferred short term fix but the extended software support costs will continue to increase over time.

  • Migrate is a better long term solution but it requires some investment and is often viewed as conflicting with the preferred implement option.

  • Implement is usually preferred, however in many cases more pressing business application requirements consume the budget and resources, and in some cases the required domain knowledge is no longer present within the enterprise.

Let’s talk:

  • Eventually something must change.

  • Spectrum can migrate legacy Unix applications to supported platforms, often at low cost and low risk.


Brent Bailey

Business Development Manager

Phone: +64 21 634 721