Spectrum's Christmas Party 2017

Here at Spectrum we hope everyone had wonderful Christmas and New Year. Still in the holiday spirit, we wanted to share a bit about our Christmas Party on the 15th of December.

Our CDO Patrick has a passion for Gliding. He organised a fantastic day at the Auckland Gliding Club for the whole team.

It was the first time most of us had been in a glider, and we want to thank the experienced Auckland Gliding Club ground support staff and pilot-instructors for supporting us.

We each had at least a couple of flights and there was definitely some adrenaline pumping. We wrapped up the day with some incredible wood-fired pizza, a barbeque, and secret Santa.

Here is the Auckland Gliding Club website, should anyone want to give it a try: http://glidingauckland.co.nz/index.php?q=node/5

Ian, one of our staff members, put together this stunning YouTube video of our gliding experience. Check it out below: