5 Things you should know about the storage guru, Moshe Yanai

Most people know Moshe Yanai as the CEO and founder of INFINIDAT, a visionary storage arrays company; But Moshe has been in the storage field for over 30 years and was already revolutionizing the industry long before creating INFINIDAT. Here are five things you should know about him: 

1. He is coming to New Zealand

Moshe Yanai is coming to New Zealand on the 12th of February. Spectrum is exceptionally proud to be hosting Moshe Yanai given his incredible pedigree and contribution to the IT Industry; it’s an honor to welcome Moshe to New Zealand.

2. He went to the Israeli Army 

He started his storage journey right after graduating Technion University in Israel with an Electrical Engineer degree, having six-months training as an Israeli Defense force commander in between his studies. Moshe began his career building an IBM compatible mainframe storage based on minicomputer disks.

Moshe Yanai.jpg

3. He developed some of the most revolutionary storage solutions before INFINIDAT. 

Moshe's first innovative lead was in 1990 when he developed the Symmetrix storage system while at EMC. For ten years, Moshe was EMC's vice president, responsible for the design and development of all technologies. In 2001, Moshe left EMC to form XIV Storage.With XIV’s advanced grid architecture and unparalleled ease of use, Yanai once again introduced a disruptive, game-changing storage technology. In 2007, Moshe sold XIV Storage and data protection company Diligent to IBM.

4. He is also a pilot and a philanthropist

A serial entrepreneur, Yanai is a member of the board of several companies as well as an active investor, a philanthropist, and a pilot. In 2010 he set up the Boston Executive Helicopter company which provides on-demand helicopter flights in Boston, and the following year he set up Tel Aviv Executive Helicopters in Israel. Moshe and his wife also initiated the Hoopoe Foundation of the Society for the Protection of Nature and donated a 20-year teaching award to the Technion University.

5. His current mission is to store the world's ever-expanding volume of information

Moshe founded INFINIDAT in 2011 with the simple but challenging mission of storing the world’s ever-expanding volume of information. He has taken his 30 years experience in the enterprise storage market to deliver INFINIDAT's Infinibox, which undercuts and yet outperforms all-flash arrays while guaranteeing 99.99999% of data availability.

Considered one of the most influential leaders in the data storage industry, Moshe developed architectures that have fundamentally changed how the world stores and uses data.