In business since 2001 Spectrum are a strong and stable employer, while remaining small enough to be agile and personal. Balancing our intakes between senior industry veterans and innovative new creatives through our junior and internship programs we aim to foster professional and personal development in an enjoyable and creative environment. 

We're periodically looking for specific people that you'll find in our listings below, but we're always keen to hear from anyone keen on joining the team, so why not get in touch?


Ian Neilson, Solutions Engineer

"Being with Spectrum since 2009 I've learned and grown with the company. There really isn't anywhere else offering the technological variety, professional opportunities and great team while also allowing for the flexibility for me to galavant around the world or make films."


Giulia Dressler, Business Development Intern

"My favourite part of working at Spectrum is that even as an intern I have the opportunity to work on  projects that match my skill set."


Patrick Brennan, CDO

"A view of my second office. From the outside. Leaving without me. When you're 50 minutes from the office by a ferry that only runs every other hour, AND have a reputation for missing it, a flexible work environment is important! 

We all have lives; at Spectrum we recognise that a happy staff leads to happy customers. #flexibleworkstories #whywastethecommute #missedtheferryagain"