Ever tried to win a job?

We're looking for 10 lucky students who will each receive $100 cold hard cash. If selected, you will be given 2 months to take the original $100 investment and produce a return. At the end of 2 months you will present your methodology to a panel of Spectrum Judges - think Dragons' Den. The original $100 will be donated to charity, your profit above this is yours to keep. The person with the most innovative, composed, well-presented venture will be offered a graduate role within the Spectrum organisation in 2019*.

There are no boundaries on what your venture is, except that it has to be legal. It is important to showcase your different skill sets during the challenge. The safest option isn't always the best. Participants will be assessed on a number of factors including creativity, commercial viability, profit generated, communication skills, quality of collateral materials, marketing, winning personality, and whatever else you have that grabs the panel.

*As with any employment, terms and conditions shall apply. These will be provided to the 10 successful applicants.

About the graduate role

We are not looking for a specific shaped person. This will depend on the skills that the winner brings to the table. But if you have an interest in sales, or marketing, or business development, or business growth, dot dot dot, then you have caught our interest.

As a Spectrum graduate you will be working directly with the Sales and Technology teams. Your focus will be business development and customer retention. Our office is a collaborative, open, and friendly environment where you will have the opportunity to learn and share ideas with the team. We are known by our customers for bringing new and cutting-edge solutions to their business problems. We have a culture of innovation that extends not only from our customer solutions, but also to our internal practices.

How to apply

Does this sound like you? If you are interested, write us at info@sc.nz and explain why you should be chosen to receive a $100. Please include your CV. You're welcome to reach out with questions, but make sure you do this prior to the close date.

Applications close on May 31st.