Founded in 2001, Spectrum's history is in delivering critical services in large server environments for enterprise clients across industries, helping reduce the cost and complexity. Building on this foundation, we have aligned to being a managed services company, focusing on our three core sections of Cloud, Networks & Security, and Data.

We are committed to long-term success and we work alongside your IT team, focusing on continuous improvement. Helping you extract the most value out of your current IT environment, we bring skills and experience to help remove bottlenecks that keep your team from being the most agile it can be. We respond to business challenges as soon as they present themselves.

Sunrise from the Spectrum head office in Auckland, New Zealand.

Sunrise from the Spectrum head office in Auckland, New Zealand.

Throughout years of sustained business growth we've focused on bringing the right people into our team. From industry veterans to fostering innovative creatives through our internship programs, we've focused on bringing in the best talent.

We have the ability and the confidence to challenge the status-quo and preconceived ideas in a business IT environment. Applying our skills, experience and industry partnerships, we enable our clients to find more value in their IT systems. 

Spectrum Blog

The Spectrum family is full of diverse individuals with incredible talents and achievements. Here, we get to celebrate our family with you.


Systems Engineer Shanes Geddes competed in the highly competitive BMW E30 class at the Pukekohe race track the weekend of February 23rd/24th. Spectrum Consulting sponsors Shane in his racing endeavours. With a keen passion for racing, Shane has spent the last few weeks preparing for this race event and produced great results. He placed 1st in the qualifying, 4th in race 1, 4th in race 2 and 3rd in race 3.

Shane says: ‘This was my first time racing the with the long back straight, it was definitely a new learning experience and a different element of racing with the huge amount of drafting and avoiding being caught out of it. I should have had a better start in the 1st race, however, I was being too conservative thinking it was going to be slippery due to the weather. There is obviously room for improvement, but I had good starts in the last couple of races and not too many mistakes.’

Shane would like to thank P&S Autocentre Limited, the organisers and volunteers of the event and especially to Spectrum Consulting for their ongoing support and sponsorship. Good luck for the next race Shane, we can't wait to see the next one.