Machine learning is the big new buzz word around town, but the insights it can deliver are very real. From unlocking the data hidden away in resources such as images to pattern recognition across massive data sets machine learning helps you make better business decisions faster and more accurately. 

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Pattern Recognition

Through Pattern Recognition across large data sets you can get new visibility into your customer's needs and desires, enabling smart choices to be made. Make accurate stock purchasing decisions, find warning signs in IT infrastructure or manage home delivery zones more efficiently; the answers are all in the data just waiting to be unlocked. 

Choose from on premise, in the cloud, or a mixture of the two to get the flexibility you need to deploy securely and quickly and burst to additional capacity when needed.

Spectrum's Pattern Recognition services will help you get up and running on time and on budget.


No longer do lessons have to be learnt in hindsight - know what's coming before it happens.

Machine Learning

Machine learning brings new possibilities to your business. By utilising artificially intelligent (AI) neural networks you can leverage new insights out of your data.

Augment your existing or new applications using API-driven toolsets with pre-existing or custom learnt knowledge to derive more insight out of traditionally difficult to analyse resources such as images, video and sound; Learn more about customer feedback by analysing sentiment and emotion in text resources, or make better recommendations to your end users by gaining a deeper understanding of the choices they make.

Data is a business' greatest asset; unlock that potential with deeper insights

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