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The opportunities for New Zealand-China business partnership is increasing. With a large, growing middle class market to target, Alibaba Cloud facilitates this growth in a sustainable and manageable way.

This discussion will uncover some of the technology barriers including "The Great Firewall" and how this can easily impact your business through poor customer experiences or low employee productivity. 

The session will provide insight into how to overcome these barriers.

Furthermore, it will present detailed case studies of those businesses who have successfully expanded into China by partnering with Alibaba Cloud.

Through industry leading cloud services and solutions, the event provides attendees with the tools in all industry sectors to tap into and scale up in China.

Alibaba Cloud has extensive coverage in the region, giving you the best performance and access to the market.

Additionally, Alibaba Cloud will help you to navigate the compliance regulations and understand business challenges the Chinese market presents.

To register, please RSVP by Friday 29th March to sales@sc.nz