Software asset management (SAM) is a process responsible for the purchase, maintenance, utilisation and disposal of software applications within an organisation. With Spectrum’s Software Asset Management services, your business can be empowered to make better software licensing decisions, lowering costs.

Our services

Spectrum can help solve challenges relating to measuring and reporting on software usage. We work with tools including ILMT, Snow and Flexera. Our strategy focuses on key areas such as:

  • Managing and ensuring the compliance of important software assets

  • Assistance with software compliance audits, in order to see whether software is used and configured with compliance to the terms and conditions of the software vendor.

  • Optimising decisions by modelling  options for managing and maintaining licenses.


Software audits can be time consuming processes. To check whether you are compliant with the terms and conditions of a licensing agreement, vendors perform software compliance audits to see how their software is being used, how it is configured and whether your licenses cover your usage. Spectrum’s software asset management services can help eliminate risk for non-compliance. Our services equip you with a better understanding of the true usage of a software so you can be armed with the information and history necessary for an audit.



Licensing can be a confusing process. Spectrum can help you better understand the licensing models and assist with management, procurement, risk mitigation and solution mapping related to licensing.