Today’s private networks are significantly more complex than those of the past. From secure, high performance wireless networks to sophisticated remote access systems more users are connecting to your systems from a wide range of places on a wide range of devices.

Spectrum's Network as a Service model allows you to adapt to changing needs through our model of supported, scalable solutions. With breath-in breath-out pricing and deploy-anywhere solutions we bring the confidence to change and grow without your networks holding you back. No matter how complex your needs we can help support your network needs of today and tomorrow.

We take the stress out of networks and build A platform for today and tomorrow




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Wireless Networks

Rapid evolution of wireless and networking technology means that your organisation now has access to cutting edge solutions that simplify network administration as well as deliver a fully distributed control architecture that increases speed, scope and resiliency.

The Spectrum team brings with it deep skills in designing, building and maintaining network solutions, delivering the perfect blend of performance, security and control. We make sure our clients get the most out of their network infrastructure, while securely and efficiently serving the ever increasing demands on their wired and wireless infrastructure from growth in users, devices and applications.

Load Balancing

Traditional load balancing appliances can be expensive, limited, difficult to scale and are only available in physical environments you control. Spectrum load balancing offerings bring cost-efficient, breath-in breath-out scalability to all your environments, from on-premise to IaaS to public cloud as a single technology platform.

Our load balancing platform brings virtual appliances tested and proven to deliver high throughputs of multiple Gbps per instance that uniformly scale out to deal with peaks and troughs in your application demand. Advanced customisability brings a range of balancing algorithms along with features like pool member health checks and SSL encryption offload.


Spectrum’s cloud managed SD-WAN solution allows our customers to rapidly deploy secure branch networks at a fraction of the cost of traditional MPLS WAN networks, while maintaining maximum performance and scalability.

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