Spectrum is assisting Kookmin Bank with every aspect of its IT components. Spectrum has been providing valuable services, ranging from product procurement to maintenance. Since we started working with Spectrum, we have experienced a great sense of comfort and peace of mind regarding various IT issues.   What has surprised us the most would be Spectrum's thoroughness and organisational skills. We have numerous IT products under Spectrum's supervision and Spectrum promptly notifies Kookmin Bank of any upcoming issues promptly. This has significantly alleviated my burden on IT work by entrusting my responsibilities to Spectrum.
Kookmin Bank
We had heard great things about Spectrum who were referred to us and Spectrum did not disappoint. We expected good service and great, timely service was received. Catalyst Group engaged Spectrum earlier in the year for work in our Microsoft space, we credit Spectrum on the way that this work was prioritised and completed, turning it around so quickly. Spectrum migrated our team to the cloud and provided assistance throughout this transition. Of note is how quickly, professionally and easily the Spectrum team migrated us and for that we are deeply appreciative. Spectrum have given us the assurance that we needed to feel comfortable that our data is safe.  
Catalyst Group

What our Clients Say

We’ve had the honour of working with some incredible organisations to deliver critical IT services to help them thrive. Here’s how they’ve found partnering with us:

“I love dealing with your team - very professional, friendly, helpful and fast!“
“Very happy with Alex dedication and his will to complete the work ASAP !!!“
“..Very proactive and beat the expectations!!“
“Great support from Spectrum“
"Great support as always. Couldn't be happier."
"Promptly investigate, good suggestion for remediation, speedily implemented. Perfect - Thank you."
"Great service with a smile…"
"Proactive and thorough approach and suggested improvements from the team. We know we are in good hands."
"Great service as usual ':)"
"Very easy to work with. Issues and requests are dealt with in a timely manner."
"Excellent product knowledge, reliable service, keeping in touch with customers."
"Comprehensive support, fast response times, detailed outcomes on issues and how to prevent them going forward and always helpful with any questions."
"Excellent Service. The team at Spectrum is fast and knowledgeable ."

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