Modern enterprises have endless copies of data from production right through to backups, disaster recovery, development & testing - all with the exact same data over, and over, and over. These extensive copy counts drive up storage usage, lead to slow provisioning of systems while more copies are made, and prevent the deployment of devops practices that your team are requesting.

Copy Data Management (CDM) turns all of these problems on their head by removing the physical tax of copies. A few simple clicks is all that stands between you and instant, virtually-limitless storage-tax free copies of your data. 

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Spectrum have implemented and managed many of New Zealand's largest Copy Data solutions for some of the country's largest and most innovative customers. Working together we bring our customers smart, reliable backups that enable faster recovery times (RTO's) of newer data (RPO's) while improving efficiency and working as an enabler for devops. 

By taking advantage of the greater flexibility brought by Copy Data Management our customers have improved both their backup/disaster recovery position and improved their devOps agility with one technology implementation. 

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