Today's modern applications need fast testing cycles, and yesterday's data management is struggling to keep up, resulting in long data refresh cycles, or no data refreshes at all. This leads to applications being tested against databases with incomplete, out of date data resulting in bugs making their way through to production. The use of production data in testing also leaves companies exposed to data leaks, privacy invasions and regulatory infractions.

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In this demo we'll take a look at masking an application database using CA TDM software. We'll demonstrate how quickly we can apply a basic mask and then apply a complete mask of the database in an automated fashion.

Data Masking

Using of production data in development and testing is a quick shortcut to getting useful testing data, but doing so exposes your customer's sensitive, private data to a large group -inviting privacy breaches and data leaks, and may fall foul of regulatory requirements.

Spectrum's data masking services bring the experience and expertise to mask personally identifiable information out from your databases with production-like data, bringing a non-reversible, test-ready dataset to your testing team.

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Synthetic Data Generation

Sometimes production-like data isn't enough for your test requirements. Whether you need to create data specifically to trigger test cases, augment small data sets to simulate the future or simply test an application or feature before initial release Synthetic Data Generation brings you the data you need, fast. 

Utilising the same powerful algorithms and seed databases as our masking services, we take you from nothing to everything you need in no time.

Copy Data Management Integration

Test Data Management (TDM) and Copy Data Management (CDM) go perfectly hand in hand together. With CDM providing your production databases in a fast, efficient manner, TDM helps bring the perfect end-to-end solution through masking, subsetting and synthetic generation. 

We have extensive experience in bringing these two worlds together to help you deliver data for your testing team comprehensive, private data efficnetly and on time.

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