The choice between on-premise, Spectrum IaaS and Public Cloud can be a hard one, but it doesn’t have to be a single choice.

Utilising Hybrid Cloud allows you to utilise each platform as is
best for your business and your workloads.


Dev-Test Elasticity


Cloud brokerage  

Optimise for workloads

Spectrum’s Hybrid Cloud consulting services help you find the best balance for your projects and the best tools to deliver the results you seek. Separate your workloads by project, application lifecycle stage or any other means that makes sense for your needs.

As an independent party we understand that all businesses face bridges they need to cross to utilise cloud solutions which can be daunting. Our consultants will remove the uncertainty and put together a clear pathway towards the optimal balance.

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The Right tools

Picking the right tools for the job can mean the difference between success and failure. We work alongside you to select the best technology to manage the deployment of your services.

With a technology agnostic approach we'll guide you through the options and help guide you towards the result that your whole team will love. 

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The Right people

From first steps into the cloud to streamlining existing implementations we've been there before, and would love to help. We'll work with your team to find what works and what doesn't to deliver the results you desire.

Our consultants aim to work with, not against those who will continue to maintain the projects we're working on, getting them on board with the ideas and demonstrating improvements, not just forcing change on those who may fight against it.


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