IT teams are expected deliver more services with the same budget. How do you deliver? 

Bringing new agility and new ways to deliver business applications and IT services can be tough while being held back by legacy and large investments. 

Traditional hardware acquisition, deployment and administration can take valuable time and effort. At Spectrum, we enable our clients to simplify the infrastructure stack and develop scalable cloud-based solutions that deliver the security and reliability of on premise environments with the flexibility of cloud while keep total cost of ownership to a minimum. 

We'll help you derive the fastest time-to-value with the lowest additional IT spend and free up your existing IT resources for true business innovation.


Scalable & Flexible Compute .



Spectrum Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions offer a flexible, New Zealand based cloud platform for everything from small development sandboxes right up to large enterprise-grade production deployments. Choose from a range of compute, storage and networking options to find the best solution for your project. 

Breath-in breath-out pricing allows you to scale your costs to your requirements while legacy applications can benefit from sizing options that allow end-of-life services to carry on in small deployments and monolithic applications to take full advantage of the modern, high core & memory count servers on offer.

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Spectrum's consultants can assist you to ensure that you deploy new applications in terms of hours or days, not weeks.


Alongside traditional x86 cloud services the Spectrum IaaS Cloud also offers services on IBM POWER. Take full advantage of the excellent performance and reliability of POWER systems including POWERHA across multiple systems without the need for a large up-front investment.

Spectrum are specialists in IBM Power Systems for small and large organisations throughout the country, helping reduce the cost and complexity of their IT infrastructure. We are recognised as leading advisers in systems design, implementation and support for IBM Power Systems systems.

Choose from self-managed deployments that give you total control, or fully supported managed systems with SLA agreements that let you focus on your applications.  

Spectrum's consultants can assist you with systems design, implementation and support. These services help ensure that you deploy new applications in terms of hours or days, rather than weeks.

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