'The Cloud' is great, but what is going to work best for you? What platform can you trust? Are you paying for more than you use? How can you best manage your environments to minimise your costs?

The average organisation today is using a number of different cloud services for a variety of purposes. Spectrum consultants help you determine the best mix of cloud services that work for your organisation and manage its delivery, all the while ensuring that you're the one in control.

Cloud Brokerage.

Cloud Discovery & Audit.

Cloud Migration. 



Maintaining strong relationships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) make Spectrum a strong, independent partner for public cloud solutions. We bring many of the world's best cloud service providers to one place and ensure that our clients receive the best, fit-for-purpose cloud solutions. We also bring to you the ability to self and auto-provision cloud services, as well as the ability to analyse.


We have the experience to guide our clients through strategic cloud planning and implementation.


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Hybrid Cloud

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